Kindle Cash Flow


 Welcome to your Kindle Cash Flow Bonuses!

I am excited for you and thrilled to be able to offer you some extra tools to help you make the most of this amazing business opportunity!

I look forward to seeing what you create!

Kindle Cash Flow


Welcome to your Kindle Cash Flow Bonuses!

I am excited for you and thrilled to be able to offer you some extra tools to help you make the most of this amazing business opportunity!

I look forward to seeing what you create!


40 Editable Done-For-You Kindle Covers

Below you will find 40 editable Done-For-Your Kindle book covers. Each package contains 5 book covers inside. Click on the button to download the .zip file and then you can edit them in Photoshop. If you don’ t know how to use Photoshop, it’s fast and easy to give the template to someone on Fiverr and have them change your title, etc. 










Master Materials for Budget Outsourcing

Never let writer’s block get in the way! With these master materials for budget outsourcing you can get started sooner with a low budget and turn it around a lot quicker.


In this bonus, you’ll get the prewritten template for a job description has been proven to get great writers, plus with the template, I’ll share the 3 best sites to find a top writers. You’ll also get a checklist to give your writer to be sure you get top quality work!

Prewritten Template for Hiring a Great Writer

Writer’s Checklist to Get Top Quality Work


Kindle Promotion Secrets

One strategy to improve Kindle book sales is to spread your book’s Amazon sale page link to as many free and paid book promotion sites as possible.

This strategy is geared to help you get reviews which ultimately help promote sales.

The below list is my compilation of my favorite book promotion sites – some free, some paid.

Each one of the ebook promotion sites will have their own set of requirements in order to be accepted. So, to help you out, I did the research on each one and wrote a quick bit about their stipulations and what that website is all about.

50 Top Free Book Promotion Sites

The list below includes the best book promo sites out there as of today.  As you’ll see they are all free, but some have a special upgrade options. 

List Of The Top Free Book Promotion Sites
Service Price Erotica Allowed? Requirements and Notes
Inkitt Free Yes Not only will they submit your book to their thousands of readers, they will also offer you a publishing deal worth thousands of dollars if their readers like it. Fiction Only.
Awesome Gang Free – $10 Yes Access to one of the best free book email lists. The paid option offers a guaranteed spot on the home page and also various social media promotional boosts as well.
Indie Author News Free – Paid Not Stated Fiction and Nonfiction both welcome, possibility to become the ‘author of the day’ and gain greater levels of exposure
Pretty Hot Books Free – $25 Yes $25 guarantees a featured spot on homepage for 7 days and send out to their social media platforms as well.
Free Discounted Books Free – Paid Not Stated Submit at least 5 days in advance. Almost every genre imaginable found here. Also the option to list any permafree books you may have.
Digital Book Today Free – $40 Not Stated 4+average review score required, plus over 40 reviews for nonfiction and 18 for fiction
E Reader Love Free Not Stated Many genres and type of book found on this site. Also offers a specific ability to promote box sets.
Discount Book Man Free – $15 Yes For front page listing for 5 days, pay $15. Sends out to both email and social media.
Book Bongo Free – $30 Not Stated Paid options include the ability to be promoted to various Facebook groups and to be featured as a banner ad on the site.
This Is Writing Free No Gets you an author page and even a guest post allowing you to promote your work.
E Reader Girl Free – $20 No The only fiction which is accepted on E Reader Girl is Christian fiction. Otherwise, nonfiction and children’s books only.
Kindle Book Review Free – $20 Not Stated Free option requires 14 day advance submission and is not guaranteed, Paid option requires 24 hours notice and is guaranteed
EBooks Habit Free – $15 No A minimum of 5 reviews
Lovely Book Promotions Free – $10 Not Stated Must submit your book at least 5 days in advance. The paid option includes your book being promoted to over 60 Facebook groups.
New Free Kindle Books Free – $10 Not Stated Allows for permafree books to be listed. Paid option offers a larger amount of display space on the promo page.
Topless Cowboy Free Yes Specializes in cowboy and western romance, but open to erotica and romance of all kinds.
It’s Write Now Free – $10 Not Stated Only paid option offers guaranteed listing.
Content Mo Free – $3 Not Stated Free listings limited to 2 per month
Indie Book Of The Day Free No Requires 3.5+ average review score. Includes various social promotions including Pinterest and Twitter Submit at least 48 hours in advance
One Hundred Free Books Free Not Stated No guaranteed selection
EBook Lister Free No A minimum of 5 reviews with an average score of 3.5+
Free Me Free Not Stated Currently a minimalist operation due to the main service being on hiatus
The eReader Cafe Free No A minimum of 3 reviews with a score of 4+ Book must be submitted at least 3 days in advance and be over 100 pages in length
Frugal Freebies Free Yes Not just focused on Ebooks, this site has a lot of different giveaways and freebies.
Armadillo Ebooks Free – $5 Yes Option to upgrade to a ‘VIP’ listing for $5. Other requirements are not stated.
Book Angel Free No PG 13 content only, so definitely no erotica, but also no severe violence or other violations of their ethics.
Free Books Free No This service has a special section for permafree books. If your book is permafree, it can have its own permanent listing page.
Korner Konnection Free Not Stated Primarily promoted through a popular Facebook page.
Free Stuff Unlimited Free Not Stated Not limited to just books, but books are more than welcome here.
Deal Seeking Mom Free Not Stated Offering deals on many different products, not just books. Despite the name, this is the type of site which any bargain hunter might come across.
Jungle Deals and Steals Free No Must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance, full length only, no graphic violence
Penny Pinchin Mom Free No General discounts and freebies sites. No upfront info about which books are preferred.
E Reader IQ Free Not Stated Contact to discuss suitability of your book
I Crave Freebies Free Not Stated Contact to discuss paid options. No clear information is provided upfront.
Zwoodle Books Free No Must take ‘true review’ pledge, political/religious books discouraged, no suggestive book covers
Ebookasaurus Free No No special requirements
Mobile Read Forum Free Not Stated Forum only, no form of promotion outside of this.
Books On The Knob Free Not Stated Nice looking page for the deals of the day with a large cover image displayed.
Totally Free Stuff Free Not Stated Just as its name suggests, Totally Free Stuff offers lots of things for no cost, not just ebooks.
Free Kindle Books 4 U Free Not Stated Guaranteed placement with a donation
Book Hippo Free Not Stated Free account creation required
Bookpraiser Free Not Stated Free account creation required. Offers the ability to create an author page on the site in order to feature more of your work on a longer term basis.
Reading Deals Free – $29 No No sexual content, no hate speech. Good quality covers only. 10,000 words minimum. 5 reviews with a 4 star rating.
Free Today Free Not Stated Facebook group only, no website running at the moment for this service.
Ebook Stage Free – $50 Not Stated Must have a quality book cover and a ‘good’ review score (not specified exactly)
Ask David Free – $15 Yes You can submit the same book once every two weeks.
Authors Den Free – $75 No A basic account is free, but there’s a fee to get ‘gold’ membership and receive a higher level of exposure
Book Circle Free – $75 No Free listings aren’t guaranteed. Paid listings are guaranteed, with more expensive options bringing a higher level of promotion.
Book Raid Free – $10 Yes High quality covers only, no minimum reviews but reviews taken into account, price is cost per click basis with $10 maximum charge
Book Sliced Free Not Stated Free to create an account and submit books automatically. No specific requirements.


41 Top Paid Book Promotion Sites

Below is a list of the top paid promotion websites.  These services either offer to send your book to other promo sites, saving you time and energy or will offer your book to a premium group of readers.  In most cases, you’ll get a better quality output through these sites…but at a price.

List Of The Top Paid Book Promotion Sites
Service Price Erotica Allowed? Requirements and Notes
Just Kindle Books $15 – $35 Yes Has a highly engaged newsletter readership and Facebook following. Promotes mostly romance, erotic romance, mystery/thriller, urban fantasy, & women’s fiction. Next-day submissions accepted. Top-notch customer service.
Book Goodies $7.50 – $45 Yes Submit 5 days in advance. One of the few paid services to explicitly allow erotica (no pun intended). Flat rate promotion, no complicated array of options to navigate and decipher.
Free Booksy $40 – $200 Not Stated Pricing depends on genre. Horror and travel are at the cheaper end of the spectrum while fantasy and romance are the most expensive. The size of the email list used by the service differs per genre, as each list is targeted to specific genre fans.
Steamy Romance Books $24.99 Yes Specifically for erotica books. On another page, they also offer paid features as well.
Book Bub $25 – $500 Not Stated Very strict acceptance criteria, excellent average ROI. Countless authors have reported huge success after being featured on Book Bub. The most popular genre on Book Bub, crime, has almost 4 million subscribers on the list.
Kindle Nation Daily $100 – 180 Not Stated Offers myriad packages. You can buy either daily, weekly or monthly packages, and have the option of choosing to promote to specific genre pages or to the whole site in general. Service claims to be able to reach up to 180,000 Kindle owners each day.
Digital Book Today $30 Not Stated Submit at least 4 days in advance. Onsite calendar feature allows you to quickly and easily see whether it will be possible to promote your book during your desired time.
Author Ad Network $129 Yes and No Promotes your book to 28 different promotion sites and other social media programs. If erotica, they’ll only promote to certain sites that allow it.
Book Reader Magazine $20 Yes $20 guarantees a featured spot on the homepage for 7 days. Also, allows you to submit an author interview for free.
Good Kindles $25 – $45 Yes The costlier packages come with prominent home page promotion, social media and newsletter features.
Many Books $25 Not Stated Many Books claim to get over 400,000 unique views a month. Successful applicants will be featured on both the website and in email promotion
Free Kindle Books and Tips $25 Not Stated No specific details offered, authors must contact the site and ask for more info about what the service entails
Kindle Mojo $25 Not Stated A wide array of options including Twitter, creating a VIP page on the site, and even having ‘prime time tweets’ sent out for a slightly higher price
Hot Zippy $23 – $330 Not Stated One of the biggest ranges of options and prices available. You can promote your book for up to a month using this service. You can also choose shorter promotional periods, such as one day.
Author Marketing Club $20 Not Stated Service offers submission to 28 separate platforms. Many other tools found on the site which may help with your promo efforts, such as a ‘bookalyzer’.
Free Books Hub $10 – $20 Not Stated Your book will be promoted via email, on the website and through social media. Extra payments can be made in order to be more prominently displayed on both the site and on Facebook.
EBook Deal Of The Day $5-10 Not Stated Costs $5-10 per marketplace (e.g Kindle, iTunes etc). Also offers a specific Kindle India promotion option.
Snicks List $1 – $5 No One of the two cheapest paid promotion options. You can choose the number of days your promotion will run, with very small price increases for extra days. If you have a permafree book, your promotion will run for a year for only $5.
Ignite Your Book $0.99 No The cheapest paid service available. Ignite Your Book has a clean, easy to navigate website. Popular genres do better with Ignite Your Book’s audience.
Buck Books Fees based on average of books sold Not Stated Book must be 0.99 or less during promotion, at least 10 reviews with an average score of 3.8 or higher, well written book description, pro cover design (specifically not Fiverr)
I Like Ebooks $0.99 – $9.99 Not Stated No special requirements
Awesome Book Promotion $65 Yes 5 different platforms available. You can choose to spread out your promotion on specific dates on each of the 5 sites or stack them all in one day.
Planet Ebooks $20 – $60 Not Stated Books with reviews preferred, but no minimum quantity/score
Hidden Gems Books $10 – $30 Yes Thousands of quality subscribers and growing daily, newsletter goes out twice a week and price varies on package. All genres of romance. Also has an ARC program for attracting honest reviews
Bargain Booksy $25 – $135 Yes Price paid depends on genre. More popular genres have a bigger list and therefore cost more.
Book Basset $8 per day – $22 per day No No explicit content whatsoever allowed. Choice of either being a ‘featured author’ or being the giveaway of the day.
Book Gorilla $50 – $100 Yes Erotica is accepted but must have “literary quality”. Books must have 5 reviews with an average of 4 stars and be over 100 pages in length.
Book Lemur $25 – $35 No No minimum review amount stated but “the more quality reviews the better”.
Many Books $29 No, but states will in future Your book must have at least 10 reviews with a four star or better rating. Your cover must be professional.
Riffle Books $25 – $100 No Books must be over 150 pages and professionally edited and presented.
WhizBuzz Books $49 Yes Erotica is accepted but only if the cover and title are suitable for a general audience. The fee buys promotion both on site and on social for one year.
Genre Pulse $16+ Yes No special requirements. Genre Pulse prides themselves on ‘not being fussy.’
Robin Reads $50 Yes Books promoted specifically by genre. Erotica is allowed but featured separately. Books must have a good cover and good reviews to be selected. No minimum reviews.
Ebook Hounds $10 – $35 Yes Nonfiction books must be over 100 pages. Fiction books must be over 150. At least 10 reviews averaging 3+ stars.
The Fussy Librarian $15 – $18 Yes 10 reviews with at least 4 star rating. Book must be $5.99 or less on day of promotion.
Book Barbarian $25 – $55 No Books must be sci fi or fantasy to qualify. Must have at least 10 reviews with an average of 3.5+ stars.
Your Book Promoter $49 – $249 No 3 months service. Service includes a guaranteed number of Amazon book page visitors.
Pillow Talk Books $15 – $30 Yes Promotes all romance genres, including erotica and dark romance. Promotions include social, website, and newsletter blast. Daily emails and rush order options.
E Reader News Today $35 – $140 No Full length books only. No minimum requirements but reviews are taken into consideration.
Ebook Hounds $10 – $35 Yes Nonfiction books must be over 100 pages. Fiction books must be over 150. At least 10 reviews averaging 3+ stars.
TCK Publishing $10 No Professionally designed book cover, must have at least 10 reviews on Amazon, average review rating of 4 stars, book must be $0.99 or cheaper at time of promotion