Quantum Monogamy

Your Superpower for Positive Change
and How to Turn it ON!

Quantum Monogamy holds the key to creating the life you want. Discover the truth behind reality of how to get what you want now from a place of confidence and power!

We all want to improve our lives, to experience more passion, more money, more joy…

To more rapidly achieve the life and success you want, you need to invoke your Superpower of Quantum Monogamy.

After watching the video, ask yourself, which state are you in?

  1. 1Entangled with Bob and headed down the black hole
    In our story, Bob represents a quantum particle that is headed down a black hole. When you are entangled with ‘Bob’ energy through anger, fear, or old habits, you get pulled down into the black hole with him, despite your best efforts. 
  2. 2Entangled with Charlie and headed for the stars 
    In our story, Charlie represents a quantum particle that is headed for the life of your dreams and the change you desire. When you entangle with Charlie by taking new actions, exploring new ideas, and consciously choosing Charlie’s lifestyle even when it feels unfamiliar, it puts you in a place of strength and accelerates the materialization of the positive change you seek.
  3. 3Wobbling in the In Between Zone
    This is as far as most people get in their quest for change. They let go of the familiar – Bob – and enter the zone in between Bob and Charlie where they are not fully entangled with either. This wobbly state of in between is characterized by chaos, fear, self-doubt and confusion. This is why most people default back to the familiar and re-entangle with Bob. The key to successfully accomplishing your goals, however, is to quickly, is to exit the In Between Zone as quickly as possible by actively and intentionally entangle with Charlie immediately upon choosing to let go of Bob. 

 Just being aware of your state decreases stress and empowers you to take action.

Remember, everything you do, every thought, every intention, every emotion, every action or inaction,  counts. Each one changes your trajectory and levels you up or brings you down. There is no coasting in neutral.

If you want to live that wonder-filled life of passion and abundance you need to  become conscious of what state you are in and consciously choose to entangle with ‘Charlie’ everyday! Doing this will ease fear, shift your state of being, and put you back in the driver’s seat of life.

Embrace the shift and put yourself back in the driver’s seat of life!

What People Are Saying


“I’ve been doing self-improvement work for years…but every time I’d try to implement big changes, it was like taking one step forward and two steps back. Using quantum monogamy has changed everything. Finally, I’m in charge of my life and I’m actually making real progress! Thank you, Dawn!

– Sarah Sanders

“Stress and fear of change had kept me locked in a bad situation at work. As soon as I entangled with “Charlie” new doors opened in ways I couldn’t even imagine. People notice a difference in me and I got a new job!”

– Patrick Watts

“Discovering Quantum Monogamy is truly a game changer. I used to be whipped around by life, kind of like the wind whips tree branches in a hurricane. But no more. Now, I analyze what state I’m in and boom! I adjust and step back into my power. Dawn’s training has truly been a catalyst for change in my life.

– Janet Ulrich

Your Teacher – Dawn Clark

Dawn Clark is an international best-selling author, speaker, futurist, and creator of next-generation tools that help people unlock their potential professionally and personally.

Standing at the heart of science and spirituality, Dawn synthesizes research from epigenetics, quantum physics, and technology, along with her own unique insights, some of which have been informed by profound near-death experiences.

A recognized thought leader, Dawn’s client list includes Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, psychologists, teachers, and doctors—including Nobel Prize and Oscar-award winners. Find out more…